Microsoft Integration:
Product Redesign

A product redesign that better reflects DocuSign's current branding and design system and aims to create a better user experience and address new use cases.
3 months
Product Designer
PURE Analysis, Brainstorming, Sketch Concepts, Wireframing, Design System, Collaborative Work, Task-Based User Testing, Product Shipping


When DocuSign's Microsoft integration product was initially shipped, it was made strictly by engineers, so even though it was made to be functional, the feasibility of its use was not taken into consideration, meaning the product experience for its user was not as great as it has the potential to be. Microsoft has recently introduced a new framework to third-party developers to build applications for this product; therefore, as part of their initiative, they're planning to sunset the existing framework DocuSign currently utilizes.

Because of this initiative, DocuSign has no choice but to migrate to the new framework - but this also introduced the perfect opportunity to rethink their integration product from the ground up and consider factors they weren't able to before, including user interface and experience.

The Goal

Redesign DocuSign for Microsoft integration production to create a better user experience and address new use cases.


lessons learned

During my 12-week internship at DocuSign, I had the opportunity to meet, talk, and learn from other interns and a diverse group of amazing people with various roles that make up the Product Experience team. The UX writers taught me the importance of wording and terminology and how much influence they can have on the user groups that interact with products. The researchers taught me about a few research methods they use for background and user research and the importance and use cases for each one. Other product designers taught me the unique design processes they use and helped improve my skills when working with, making, and using design systems to show how convenient and powerful they can be. The engineering team expanded my understanding of pixel usage and localization and helped me understand more of the communication between designers and engineers. My managers taught me more about design file organization, documentation, and task management & prioritization.

While working on my internship project, I learned more about myself professionally that I'll carry with me throughout my career that'd I'd like to share:


Adaptability is Key

During the user testing phase of my project, I had to make many quick minor iterations as we learned more about how our users interact and use the product. This made me further realize just how important it is not to get married to your ideas and stay open-minded to different ideas as time progresses throughout the design process.


Collaborate with Others

While I was the only product designer assigned to this project, I wouldn't have been able to do the work I did without the feedback and design critique sessions with researchers, managers, engineers, and other designers. Having unique points of view and experiences present throughout the process gives you a chance to create visions and designs you probably couldn't ideate alone. Instead of too many cooks will ruin the broth, I believe a swarm of bees makes the honey sweeter!


Don't Reinvent the Wheel

In the design and tech industry, there can be pressure to always be the most innovative person in the room, and this experience taught me that doesn't and shouldn't be the case for everything you work on. I realized I don't have to be a Steve Jobs while redesigning this product, especially when working with a great design system. I learned that products that share similarities in different aspects can enhance the user experience. Overall, you have to remember the end goal is to create the best product experience for our users and customers.

Wanna see more?

Because the product I worked on over the summer is being shipped, I can't share the meat of my project and design process publicly. Don't hesitate to email me to dive deeper into my internship project - I'd love to talk to you about it!